Sunday, November 16, 2008

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A souk (سوق, also sook, souq, or suq, or shuq in Hebrew, שוק) is a commercial quarter in an Arab or Berber city. The term is often used to designate the market in any Arabized or Muslim city. It may also refer to the weekly market in some smaller towns where neutrality from tribal conflicts would be declared to permit the exchange of surplus goods. In Modern Standard Arabic the term refers to markets in both the physical and abstract economic sense (e.g., an Arab would speak of the souq in the old city as well as the souq for oil, and would call the concept of the free market السوق الحرّ al-souq al-ḥorr).

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Kairouan Bazaar.
Besides the 7th of November commercial street, Kairouan has a small Bazaar with shops and tea coffe shops, located under a long and fresh corridor, a good place to face the hot wheater.


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