Thursday, November 20, 2008

at 9:08 PM Posted by chaker

An authentically Kairouanese specialty

Makhroud are semolina small cakes cut in the shape of lozenges, stuffed with dates, hazelnuts, or almonds, deep fried in olive oil and drizzled with honey or sugar syrup.

These delicacies are special because they combine the cereals of the north of the country with the olive oil of the Sahel region. In addition, Makhroud are a biologically sound source of caloric value (people usually find it wonderful to discover the unique taste of these little treats!).

In the past, Makhroud were made at home; today bakers and pastry chefs do the work. The most famous are called “Segni-ben Sokrana-Bouhafer-Omrani”.

Varieties :

  • Makroudh diyari (normal)
  • Makroudh bzit zitoune (with olive oil)
  • Makroudh billouze (with almonds)
  • Makroudh bijiljlan (with sesame seeds)